T’is the Season for some baking!

So it has been a lot of days since my last post and each time I remember I need to keep this up I rack my brain for something to write about.  Oh there has been a lot since Remembrance Day:  Girly Weekend in the city, seeing Celtic Thunder live which was one of the things on my bucket list, but never sat down to get it all out!

Now the festive season is here and life has been busy trying to get ready,  decorate the house, sing those Christmas Carols, Christmas concerts to attend, wrap pressies for under the tree, and baking, who can forget the baking!  Today’s post will be about a Cream Puff Pie that I came across on Pinterest.

It sounds heavenly and I hope it tastes just as good.  I am stepping out of my box here from my usual standby, Cheesecake!  Don’t worry there will be a few of those to make for friends and family.  I am even preparing to make a new one:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Binge but that will be another one to write about!  Now, bring on the Cream Puff Experience!!!

The Crust:

I have never made a puff pastry crust before, so when it says to boil the water, butter etc. I sorta freaked out but one step at a time right?  I boiled about 2 cups of water first since I figured if I boiled half a cup of h2o it would evaporate quite fast, so boiled it then measured my ½ cup then added everything else.  This worked out ok.  Adding the flour:  it mixed up quite fast, pulled away from sides as recipe said, added 1st egg and it mixed in good, second egg had to be worked in a bit but I was using a spatula so that may have been my prob.  I sprayed my hand with cooking spray to spread in the pie plate and then popped it into the oven…so far no problems!

As it was cooking I started to think I might need a bigger pie plate, mine is 9 inches like the recipe calls.  It ended up shrinking away from the edges while cooking and for the final product it turned out ok, I think maybe a little deeper plate might work better, that way you can stuff more sweetened whipped cream over the cream puff filling!

Over all the crust was super easy to make, the hardest part was waiting for it to cool off so I could put the cream puff mix into it.  So I stuck the crust in the freezer for about 20 mins…I’m not a patient person!

The Cream Puff:

Super Easy!  Milk, Whipping Cream and Jell-O Instant White Chocolate Pudding.  Mix it with your hand blender and BAM!  You are done.  Pour into crust and put in fridge till ready to devour! And yes, yes I did lick the cream puff bowl…it was delicious!!!

I didn’t make the whipped topping until I was ready to serve it, I didn’t want it to separate and get yucky.  Also I got lazy and didn’t melt the chocolate as the recipe called.  Instead I just drizzled Smuckers Chocolate Syrup (the ice cream topping kind) over top.  And it worked great.

Finally, call your friends together and enjoy with a nice cuppa coffee!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all!

The begining

The middle          The end!


2 comments on “T’is the Season for some baking!

  1. Barb Hunter says:

    You can be really proud of yourself Leslee! It looks really yummy and I might even venture to
    make it myself. I have made cream puffs before and it is surprisingly easy to do. Good for you!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and I’m sure will talk over the holidyays. Loads of Love to you,
    Aunty Bubbles.

  2. laisydaisy99 says:

    Thanks Aunty B! It was so easy to make and so easy to eat! LOL! Definitely try it if you have some extra time for baking!!! I am now trying to figure out how to make individual ones 🙂

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